EX ORIENTE / Cycle of performances

Saturday March 4th, 2017

Trees Remeber Too highlights the deep relationship that man has with nature, and how it becomes a privileged channel for the expression of memory.
iInternational artists, such as Niklaus Manuel Gudel, Laura Manfredi, Carola Mincleri, Stefano Zaratin, Ben Bird and Andrea Tessari, through their contemporary works have explored that primordial symbolic link that exists between the natural image of the concentric ring of the tree and human memory.

Like any form of life, even the tree grows and evolves, undergoes the passing of time; every spring the new white bark grows and envelops the old, darker, dried during the winter; a new year is marked and so cyclically until death. As the stone thrown into the water produces the image of the waves that propagate concentric, so the same pattern reproduces itself in the section of the trunk: an alternating series of imperfect closed lines that radiate from the same fulcrum. This archetypal image becomes a voice in order to express and describe a concept like memory. Artists, through their works, deeply linked to the natural world give a concrete form to their perception of memory.