9.08.2016 21:30 / Galleria Bombi (old Town of the city), Gorizia (Italy) Piazza Vittoria  /  iodeposito.org/0966  /  Programma 2015/2016

Special event for the 100th anniversary of the conquest of Gorizia finissage of the installation Insight (by Joshua Cesa) + video and interactive performance Vanitas & Ticket to paradise (by Nathalie Vanheule).

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Among the most vibrant performers and videoartists of the contemporary art scene, the Belgian Vanheule was renamed “femme en flamme” by Flux Magazine, because of her ability to create through the fire, but also with the remains of fire and ashes. A complex artist, who shares with Joshua Cesa, author of the installation Insight, a powerful and rarefied emotionality, that reaches the maximum when they can work on the theme of their identity and historical heritage: one grew up in Ieper, Belgium, one of the bloodiest lands of the Western front during the First world war (today burial place steeped in dust and remains, from which the artist has borrowed the use of fire, ash and earth in her different installations and video works); the other is born on the Carso upland, on the Italian side.

The territory of Ieper, and the dramatic war experience of which Vanheule is heir, corresponds to what the Carso region means for the Italians during the First world war: both are places where the trauma is still alive, places where a tragedy has been consumed so foolishly to require no less than 100 years to finally be elaborated.
On the other hand, Joshua Cesa, author of important relational and memory architectures (such as the interactive installations and conceptual Citizen-Gate and In-Cube), expresses his contribution fielding a wealth of traditions, stories and experiences of those who born, raised and live in a border area, creating a sensory path, higly perceptive, capable of bringing people in contact with the experience of war, and immersing them in the auditory impression of the conflict.

Two artistic experiences that, once compared, can generate a unique athmosphere of memory and remembrance, within the Bombi gallery, a pedestrian tunnel approaching the city center of Gorizia.

B#Side War Vol.II La seconda edizione della rassegna artistica e culturale diffusa, permea 12 territori del Friuli Venezia Giulia, del Veneto e dell’Istria, con una forte componente internazionale: coinvolgerà contributors provenienti da 39 paesi del mondo, per promuovere una riflessione trasversale e congiunta sul comune passato delle guerre mondiali, con lo scopo di indagare quei nessi che sussistono tra il primo conflitto mondiale e il nostro quotidiano, tra il nostro passato di guerra e il modo in cui oggi percepiamo il mondo. Affioreranno diverse chiavi di lettura, che si legano a vicende storiche complesse che pongono ancora l’interrogativo sull’esperienza umana del primo conflitto mondiale, ad oggi non del tutto scandagliata, ma talmente potente nella sua tragicità, da valicare la misura della vita di chi l’ha fronteggiata direttamente, trasmettendosi anche dopo la morte dell’individuo, forte al punto da plasmare l’identità culturale di generazione in generazione.