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The creation of teaching and laboratory paths based on art and creativity has led our organization to experiment innovative educational techniques. We have used the processes of public art, relational and interactive art, photography and multimedia, critical and creative writing, theatre improvisation and playwriting, design and creation with recycled materials. Moreover, we have addressed specific themes concerning the issues perceived as critical by the areas involved in our projects as well as in the schools and in the familiar groups (war, family history, multiculturalism, the individual and collective responsibility, the conscious use of goods, the responsible and participative living on the common urban soil). Among our most successful experiments, we have developed a method based on the aesthetic power of art and we have mixed it with the idea of empathy through realizing 'crossing sights' and 'changing perspectives'. In this way, we have reconsidered the Inquiry Scientific Method with a new artistic perspective. This has allowed a true co-creation of the different meanings with the children participating in the laboratories and has let them be the main protagonists of the activity. Also, it has allowed a natural and direct contact with their feelings, their expressions, their intuition.

Make it together! (2015)Work in Progress in The DockyardPlay-RoomThe Languages and the Theatre
BeSide War (2015)Perspective on WarArt in WarWar of TheatrenessBeSide War
Concretely – creative educational project (2013)Aigon. Stream of theatrenessPhotoperspectiveNext Novo

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