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Many members of IoDeposito are young researchers, research fellows and PhD candidates. They work to deepen important scientific issues in the fields of history, Italian studies, cultural studies, art, art and technology, urban regeneration through art and cultural practices. They also support, in this way, the design and the implementation of the different projects of the association. IoDeposito's research projects are designed as cross-disciplinary ones, in order to let the historical contents interact with the literary ones, and the artistic content interplay with the multimedia processes. These projects are created to both rise up academic interests and to be harbingers of curiosity for young generations, families and citizens.

B#Side War Vol.II (2015/2016)B#Side War ConferencesB#side War Vol II. 2015/2016War Researches
B#Side War Vol.I (2014/2015)Site-specific performances and original dramaturgiesThe experience of the Great War from overseasThe Body of Human MemoriesPsyche and body to strainIn-CubeMemory-SpaceCitizen-GateExperience and Poverty of War

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