We have collected in this section our written production, in order to make it accessible (documents, brochures, articles and publications).

Perspective in war (2015), catalog.pdf
Comfort Zone (2015), catalog.pdf
Comfort Zone (2016), catalog.pdf

B#Side War vol. II matherials

Round of conferences Revealing the conflict / Representing the war
War, curatorship and museum experience

Giavera del Montello (Italy) / 03.12.2016

Giuliana Boscheri.pdf

Gradisca d’Isonzo (Italy) / 04.09.2016

Piet Chielens.pdf
Maria Cristina Scalet.pdf

Villa Manin – Passariano (Italy) / 04.21.2016

Livio Karrer.pdf
Miha Colner.pdf
Roberta Tassi.pdf