Monday February 6th, 2017

The land art installation “Memory Trees” will be installed on the Italian Carso upland, in proximity of the WW1 tranches of Fogliano Redipuglia, during the month of may 2018. The artistic action will be filmed, and open to the audiences in its final phases (may the 24th and may the 25th, 2018: from 16.00 alle 20.00, free visiting tours with the artist).
Info and reservations: / +39 375 5532009

In the land art installation Memory Trees by Andrea Tessari, the trees, whose roots intertwine pushing deep into the earth, barking grows year by year, tracing concentric circles that set the passage of time, they become active spectators and witnesses of the events that mark the territory.

Their trunks are able to imprison the passage of time: the trees, grown in the territories marked by wars and conflicts, bring with them profuse scars, as well as remains of material and war residues, such as bullets, shells and firearms.

The history of our territory is deeply connected to the World War I: the nature that surrounds Sagrado, Fogliano Redipuglia and the area of ​​the Italian Carso has been wounded by the violent acts of a country of which it has preserved the memory and the remains in its own physical bodies (stems, trunks, roots). Nature, family memories, land memories come together in a unique work integrated in time fragments of common life, artificially reproducing that system of natural conglomeration, through which the plant engulfs the object: in Memory Trees, small objects are set inside a natural resin (a new amber) and then grafted into the stems of the trees, they become natural chests of precious memories, they are themselves keys of memories, opening locks that open in a vastness of historical stories of the 20th Century, personal memories and common memories intertwine with each other.

It will take about 4 years for the installation to be considered completely ‘finished’, reaching the aesthetic fullness desired by the artist, but its expressive strength lies in the ability to change in front of the visitor day by day, inviting him to interact with the work itself.

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