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In order to investigate which are the existing bonds that tie the Great War to our contemporary life, we created a project focused on the possibility to analyze and discover the first conflict starting from the specific experience of the boundary territorial regions of the Italian north-east: a painful experience that, since 1914 witnessed forced mass immigration, identitary confusions, ancestral fears, divisions and uprooting from the loved ones and from places of origin, loss of lifes, and loss of humanity. Four educational-creative workshops in four areas strongly affected by the First World War have used 4 expressive media strongly connected to the history of each territory, in order to bring to light their legacy through the eyes and the work of children of middle and high school.

Perspective on War

Multimedia, film and photography laboratory, become above all a place to rework vision of the First World War through the eyes of filmmakers, directors and photographers. The investigation on the legacies that still affect us, goes through deep historical and aesthetic elements connected to the specific role of the Carso upland in the events, portraying the historical places through multimedia tools and a fresh contemporary sight.


Art in War

Interpreting visual arts as powerful tools for the interpretation of both inner than external world, they become a means of investigation and discovery on the theme of the Great War. The experience of the people of the Valcanale area during the years of the conflict has been the core of the laboratory. Each participant has developed and expressed his/her perception of the historical events through the experimentation of expressive techniques such as ready-made and collages.


War of Theatreness

Experimental theater workshop on the issues of the Great War, in order to develop young people creative and expressive skills, while focusing on the discovery of expressions and testimonies related to the first conflict, investigating, through experimentation stage, the hidden side of war: the men, the land and their relationship.

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BeSide War

In Trieste, a laboratory dealing with critical literature and creative writing on the theme of the Great War analyzes the literary languages ​​born with the conflict (starting from the most important voices: Remarque, Saba, Lussu, Slataper and Stuparich), creating a place where participants were able to deepen their expression through a process of reading and revision of the literature of the time.