Lisl Fund

The action consisted in the creation of a “cultural management practitioning school” for the young people of the area. Hosting fellows from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds (Italian, Slovenian, Balkanian, Indian, Balgladesh etc), the courses and laboratories of the Academy aimed to prepare the young people of the are in creating a better cultural environment for their territory: young people practically organized cultural programs and creative sperimentations, in order to respond to the main territorial issues – such as inclusion, the need for understanding a past of war, the mutual understanding between different communities and family’s culture– actively cooperating with our network of artists, NGOs, municipalities.

The project actually helped the territory in considering the cultural diversity as a richness, improving the collaboration among young people coming from different ethnic groups.

The project wanted to support intercultural interaction between young people from different ethnic backgrounds, through the organization of participatory art and cultural events and creative/expressive activities.
The aim of these creative activities is to reveal the common past, and the human experience common to all the families arrived in the upland during the several wars who cross it in the XX century. The possibility to express feelings in relation to the territory, and transmit the memory to next generation, kept the participant in contact with similar experiences, fostering a change in the attitudes and behaviors.

The activities taken to undertake the goals, were the following:
-3 different creative laboratories and think-thank were activated, in 3 different municipalities, involving more than 43 young people from 5 municipalities;
-5 cultural, social and artistic events were organized thanks to the young participants.

(financed thanks to Lisle International Fund, the project involved young people from the municipalities of Cervignano, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Fogliano Redipuglia, Farra d’Isonzo, Sagrado, Mariano del Friuli).