B#Side War 5 art festival

The fifth edition of the widespread artistic and cultural festival that permeates 12 territories of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Istria, with a strong international component, will involve contributors from 39 countries of the world, to promote a transversal and joint reflection on the common past of world wars, with the aim of investigating those links that exist between the first world conflict and our daily lives, between our past war and the way we perceive the world today.

Several keys of interpretation will emerge, which are linked to complex historical events that still pose the question about the human experience of the First World War, not fully investigated to date, but so powerful in its tragedy, that it goes beyond the measure of the life of those who he faced it directly, transmitting itself even after the death of the individual, strong enough to shape the cultural identity from generation to generation.

For the complete program of exhibitions, talks and conferences, visit www.bsidewar.org!