28.01.2017 17:00 /  /  iodeposito.org/01718  /  Program 2016/2017

A suggestive spread video art event will take place on the soil of many Italian and foreign cities: screenings of videoart under the arcades of historical centers like Trieste, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Pordenone, Rome, Padua, Venice, Naples, Genoa, Treviso, Milan, Toronto, Piran and Izola, Huston.

In each city is projected a different video, connected to the topic of the female perspecive on war’s legacies.
The projection events taking place in other cities, can be followed directly from the B#Side War App, launched for the occasion: the App is completely free, and allows to reserve seats for the festival performances and video screening, guided tours to exhibitions and installations, as well as to download catalogs and artisit’s protfolios.

Will be projected the videos of the following artists:
Anne O’Callaghan (Canada) – Erasure, Vanessa Gageos (Romania) – BlackHole, Nathalie Vanheuele – Burning Eyes, Victoria Lucas (England) – Conflict, Estabrak Al Ansari (Iraq / Oman) –Tales of the Mothertongue, Marina Abramovic (Montenegro) – Dangerous Games, Arja Karkkainen (Finland) – City of Sigmund

Event in cooperation with Art For the World

B#Side War Vol.III