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The B#Side War Festival come to touch 20 different cities around the world, involving in its activities artists, curators, museographers, cultural managers, researchers, teachers, and a plurality of partners in 41 countries of 5 continents: it is increasingly important to convey a message of awareness about the legacies of conflict to all citizens, young people, families and communities all around the world.

B#Side War is willing to consider the inclusion of new brand-sharers, from all over the world, who want to actively take part in our artistic and cultural campaigns, creating branded B#Side events in their cities, experimenting our art-based practices in their territories, and actively proposing new contents.
There isn’t a specific geographic area to which this message is addressed: the festival believes in the universality of human experience in the conflict, in the inheritance of universal trauma of war, and especially in the necessary cultural diversity through which the legacies of the conflict can be represented.

The brand-sharer, ideally, is a cultural activist, a curator, a cultural manager or a professional in the field of art and culture that for personal or cultural reasons feel close the topic of conflict’s inheritance, a person who would like to take part in the festival in a structured way: becoming part of the scientific committee of the festival, organizing artistic and cultural activities in her/his town -starting from our database of artists, or proposing new ones-, by creating a working group that, sharing the philosophy of the festival, can help to spread its motivation abroad (with constant connections and specific moments of exchange with the festival’s place of origin: Italy, and especially its border areas to the northeast).
Not just the practitioner and professionals of the art sector are considered as possible brand-shareres, but also teachers, experts and practitioners in the field of communication, young people and university students, young professionals, Phd candidates, apprentices and trainee in the field of art, who can find in festivals reason for professionalization and inspiration.
Researchers are very welcome too: anthropologists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, literature experts, historians, art historians and experts in semiotics: the research is the basis of our work and the festival organizes many research presentations.

Do you want to join us? If you want to actively participate in the Festival in your country, whishing to organize artistic activities for B#Side War in your city, visit the special page of the campaign and fill out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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