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Comfort Zone 3

Comfort Zone 3 is a formative workshop started in October 2017 and ended in March 2018 that wanted to resume the intentions of its previous editions: spreading youth wellness through artistic projects that generate empathy and lead to self-expression, trying to put in touch, to relate young citizens to the environment in which they live, starting from its aesthetic and spatial stimuli that encourage abstract and divergent thinking. In this third edition, the project, along with involving the teenagers of the territory of Gradisca d’Isonzo, has implicated those from the municipalities of Moraro, Mariano del Friuli, Sagrado and Fogliano Redipuglia.

This year the workshop has grown up and has taken place during 16 meetings: because of that, we have been able to deepen the different art forms (Land Art, Street Art, Sculpture, Installation Art), dedicating to each of them a specific session. The goal was to let the students experiment with different artistic techniques and form of expressions and then let them choose the more congenial for the creation of their personal work. Furthermore, each meeting was characterized by activities intended to reactivate the five senses and to let the creativity flow. The result was, once again, surprising: a series of conceptual and figurative works of art, of Land art and urban art, which point out the youth “comfort zones” of the city, places that young people have recognized as intimate, secure and connected to their feelings, meaningful for emotional and aesthetic value.

Through the artistic activities, the participants reveal their identity in relation to the place where they live, offering to the citizens suggestions and deep reflections on the perception of their environment and on the present, on the personality of these young artists.

At the end of the project, we created a photographic exhibition that symbolically unites all the municipalities in which we worked. To make the guys, also, participate in this last artistic act, we invite them to document the installations created, through the use of polaroids, which have made the fruition immediate.

Promoting institutions:

IoDeposito Association

Municipality of Gradisca d’Isonzo – Department of Education and Education Service

Financed by:

Regione Fvg, Ass 2