Artistic and creative educational paths education Gradisca d'Isonzo art recycle landart streetart exhibition

The aim of the educational path was to spread the youth well-being through artistic processes able to generate empathy and creative expression, in order for them to love more their own city starting from the aesthetic and spatial stimuli that the city itself gives.

As a result, a large choral fresco made of figurative and conceptual art, land art and urban art, has been weaved on the soil of the town, illuminating its ‘comfort zones’: those places that young people naturally recognize as loved, safe, connected to their feelings and memories, significant both for sentimental values and for aesthetic ones. Through artistic activity, participants have described their identity in relation to their place of origin, enlightening deep reflection related to the perception of environment, giving birth to artistic evocations of childhood, conceptual interventions, fantastic visions, suggestive or disturbing atmospheres, freely using shapes and forms.