Uno scatto di Nextnovo / dal videoConcretely – creative educational project (2013)
Artistic and creative educational paths education Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia Trieste theater photography Casarsa della Delizia recycle Famiglie FVG exhibition


Aigon. Stream of theatreness

The workshop was designed for those who were curious of the theatre world, and for all the young actors / writers / aspiring directors who want to test themselves in the group experience of creating a totally new performance, totally invented and realized by the participants.



Travel photography, street photography, portraits… A laboratory to develop and deepen our own poetic expression thanks to artists and reporters, to test our own way of looking and choosing subjects and shots, in order to communicate our place of origin through the photographs.


Next Novo

Freeing creativity, designing and building, we can create new design objects (and also urban design objects) using materials which at home and in our communities are no longer used… During the workshop, the basic rules of composition design and the creative design have been explained and experimented, and new furniture and objects are re-born respecting the environment and its resources!


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