Artistic activities and projects

Current project sees the creation of a network of art and cultural production spaces, located directly in the train stations buildings, in the context of what might be called the ‘north-east megacity’: a territory in which small towns actually lack a true connection, in which students, young people, families and new citizens move, forced to organise their day around the public transport schedule.
The project, designed for sustainable development (and in key cultural) of the territory, is directed to the regeneration of a small network of railway spaces in the northeast, between the Adriatic see and the Julian Alps, through art and culture.

The project is based on the assumption to rebuild and also re-meaning the status of the train station, both as a mindset than socially, and wants to re-semantise also the forced awaiting that people usually are obliged to experience in the train station: the project has an inclusive and co-creative vision of art, referring to the wider practices of audience engagement and audience development, and has its main objective in bring art, culture, beauty and aesthetics stimuli (from which individual and social signification processes arise) in places that are often ‘fatiguing protagonists’ in the people working days.
The aim is to knocking down one of the most common barriers to the participation of culture: the cultural sharing processes will be brought directly in this place of everyday life, making the awaiting fruitful and helping the community to regain the possession of the space (and time) of the train station.