Artistic activities and projects

As part of our experimental projects related audience development and audience engagement practices, we have shaped an art-based practice that aims to bring people closer to contemporary art, through the re-semantization of the canons of art exhibition: inviting people to enjoy art in the relaxed and familiar atmosphere of a private home (their home, or a friend’s house).

The project wants to affect the shooting down of some of the most common barriers to the enjoyment and comprehension of contemporary art, and be helpful in including art in the spaces, places and times of daily life, restoring the delicate -and more than ever necessary- connection between art and life.

The possibility to enjoy art in our own livingroom or garden -or in the house of someone else- means creating new relationships with art, with artists and with other participants (there is no better ‘activator’ for artistic and symbolic meanings than the exchange with other people).
The project aims to to bring new audiences in contact with the contemporary visual and performing arts, while encouraging the contact of people with the experience of the creators, the contact between the participants, and the contact of the works of art with the familiar and relaxed environment of a private home.

Whether pictorical, performative, installation or audiovisual, every work of art, dressed by a family environment, assumes new powerfull meanings… and don’t worry if your home is not a palace: we are able to perform in 10 square meters rooms!

To donate your living room (or even your garden, your terrace or your kitchen) to art, and make your house lands for an exceptionally intense and shared artistic activity, visit our campaign page, or contact:
We will be happy to explain you how the project works!