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Edie Sedgwick, aka Justin Moyer, one of the most eclectic and unpredictable sound-based performer in the New York scene, tributing with his art name the Andy Warhol’s muse, decides to present in Italy his new project, choosing IoDeposito as guest.

Figure of reference in the performative environment of the Big Apple in the 2000s, Moyer-Sedgwick, thanks to a great variety of sounds, proved that he is able to offer within its new project (both round, decadent than syncopated), while proposing an amazing ability to embody an alternative and sexually ambiguous character. in the meanwhile, on the background, the screening of Hollywood’s violent movies scene, clash with the charming gesture of the interpreter on the proscenium.

Edie Sedgwick manifest.pdf


BREAKING DOWN THE WALL (for the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall) (2009)

Twenty years after the most significant event of the second half of “The Short Twentieth Century” (the fall of the Berlin Wall), a new wall, built and painted by the students of the IUAV University in Venice, was created and torn down in one night, while, by following the passage of time, 3 consolles passed through the sound imagery of the Cold War from one side to the other, until the reconciliation of the Western and Eastern worlds.


Through this project IoDeposito has welcomed dozens of young musicians, which have performed in the course of several evenings, giving them the chance to face for the first time a stage and a complex superstructure of technical and professional requests. The musicians have not only played, but have also contributed to the organization of their evenings in all aspects: technical and artistic direction, the study of graphics, promotion and distribution of advertising material.


It was an intervention aimed at the exploitation of musical excellence of young people in the north east of the Italian peninsula. It is an event that winds through the notes of different musical genres. On a monthly basis, it provides the selection and performance of two bands in conjunction with the release of their new musical project.


A periodical exhibition that hosted comics, photos, sculptures and drawings, artworks of young artists, through which they showed their world through the filter of visual creativity, in a dialogic and multi-faceted way. The theme changes from exposure in exposure: nature, consumerism, multi-ethnicity, multiculturality, intergenerational dialogue.

IODIO PROJECT (2009/2012)

Iodio was a quarterly magazine dealing with music, culture and art, born from the desire to satisfy a need becoming urgent in the area: giving space to young languages, giving voice and visibility to the different art forms born in our territory through the vision of young local reporters.


A lab for media arts, equipped with professional cameras, monitors, projectors, microphones for high-resolution audio, licenses of professional software for modeling, animation and rendering 3D and program for the installation of digital movies in high definition. Artrend’s activities were divided into: Training and production of artistic ideas for anyone intending to enter the audiovisual world experimenting with art and multimedia.


The project was based on the integration of writers and urban artists inside some important companies of garden furniture and furnishings, with the aim of renewing the concept of garden decoration with elements picked up from the urban style and urban arts.


The project starts from the assumption that Street Art is an important model of expression for young people, a complex language which is composed of a wide variety of visual art forms (writing, live painting), music (rap, hip hop music), body expressions (break dance, hip hop dance) and linguistic (freestyle). Urban Code centerpiece of the evening is the Freestyle contest in which the “mc” compete one on one to the last rhyme. The contest will be framed by performance of visual art.


The project aims to give new life to the art of tailoring with the investigation on new fibres and alternative materials for the design of clothes. The project involves 10 students from Italian fashion schools every year, who built on the models real works of art inspired by the use of materials in different historical time.


A little precious independent film review, a quarterly appointment to see film production together with young video makers, video artists and followers.

The wave pictures (2010)

The wave pictures manifest.pdf