Uno scatto di In-cantiereMake it together! (2015)
Artistic and creative educational paths education art Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia Monfalcone theater Casarsa della Delizia Pontebba multimedia Famiglie FVG exhibition

Project designed to support families, considering the family as a holistic organic ensemble. Studied in order to generate wealth for both parents and children, this art-based project has proposed, in three different areas, workshops for children accompanied by a set of opportunities for the parents, for the whole family and for the community the families are part of. At the centre of reflection: intercultural and intergenerational issues, which emerge now as a land of encounter, fight and confrontation between different experiences that can live in the same house, in the same school, or in the same city.



The act of ‘play a game’, as a means of understanding between cultures and generations, is the focus of this workshop, in which the participants were able, through moments of dialogue and actual game, to get in touch with distant realities in space, time and culture. The creative workshop involved a group of middle school pupils and their families, and have been opened to the community thanks to the organization of games coming from different geographical area of the world, realized in the most important public spaces of the city.


Work in Progress in The Dockyard

What is the contribution that people and families from different cultures have given to the city life and development? This is the question that the young people of Monfalcone responded to, through the creation of multimedial narrations capable of strong aesthetic and emotional power, retracing the history of the great shipyard of Monfalcone (which in the decades brought in the territory people from multiple countries and cultures), connecting it with the history of their family.


The Languages and the Theatre

The concept of ‘plurilingualism’ has assumed a particular metaphorical idea: that of the plurality of identities, of voices, of interpretations, of points of view. It is the symbol of a group who is capable of bring differences into harmony. Over this linguistic theatre workshop, the young participants worked on their version of the German tale “The Bremen Musicians”, acting actively both on the dramaturgy and on the language (a mixture of three languages: Italian, German and the ancient Friulian mother tongue), reaching a creative representation of their identity through the de-structuring and re-structuring of the playwriting, of its symbolism and of its linguistic components.


Final performance, trailer

Special Talk / With the eyes of the artist

Psychological reflections on the development of the family prompting from art history

An approach that combines art and psychology in order to enhance the family welfare: the theme of this meeting for parents on the topic of the development of the family deals with the revelation, through the eyes of the artists, of the stages of human experience of childhood and pre-adolescence, drawing them in their own emotional complexity starting from those artworks able to capture the universal reality of those human experiences.


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