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Concrete landscapes, urban architecture, unsafe parks: identifying the places of the city that need a re-writing, and involving the young people of the city in a path of re-appropriation of spaces through creativity. These are the objectives of the Quick Dry Landscapes laboratory, which wants contribute to generating well-being and safety starting from the young inhabitants.

An effective action to prevent vandalism, through the use of the latest generation of contemporary art media, which will allow the work group made up of twenty young people aged 10-16 years to identify vandalized or at risk city areas, analyzing its aesthetic and spatial characteristics, and designing latest-generation works of art to encourage the emotional and physical “rooting” of citizens in these places, enriching the urban mantle with aesthetic contents and cultural participation.

Among the practices that children will experience: the collection of citizens’ memories by involving the elderly and parents in oral memory collection sessions; landscape design, narration through images, sampling and reworking of the soundscape of the place.

In particular, within the laboratory, we work on the theme of mapping, through “emotional mapping” techniques. Emotional mapping allows you to compare the city ground to your body, favoring the identification of positive or negative emotions, felt within the body, also in relation to the city ground, whose places are perceived as more or less safe.

(NB. The laboratory can accommodate a maximum of 30 children. By the IoDeposito Association.

The first edition was made in 2019, the second is scheduled for June 15, 2020).