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500 years after the first printing and diffusion of the Orlando Furioso, the most powerful literary work of our tradition capable of large-scale contain and convey the symbols and imagery of the cultural difference, encouraging tolerance, the project Between the old and the new world appeals to the richness of the epic genre to foster a deep and multifaceted reflection on culturally difference today, 5 centuries later.

The project will take place through the creation and dissemination of a digital humanity tool on the Orlando Furioso, thorough a new critical edition of Il Conquisto of Granada by Girolamo Graziani (now recognized as the highest point of maturation of the epic poem in the Italian tradition), and a volume of essays on cultural diversity focused on cross perspectives between Central Europe, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African epic forms, investigating particularly the size of the religious and colonial conflicts, and the desire to explore their legacies to the nowadays life.