Arte sicurezza prevenzione farra moraro capriva preventing through art emotion expression

A new creative and expressive project dedicated to prevention, in the municipalities of Farra, Capriva, Moraro, San Lorenzo.

The project involves the creation of a cycle of creative and participatory educational-laboratory activities, which will involve 5 classes (from first to fifth) of the primary schools of San Lorenzo, Farra, Capriva and families with children aged 6-10 municipality of Moraro.
Each class will participate in 6 hours of creative laboratory, organizing the first sessions during school hours, with the collaboration of the institutes, and the last ones in the afternoon with the collaboration of the municipal structures partner of the project.

The creative laboratory will have as main objectives:
• The development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills that can, in the reference age group, feed the recognition of negative emotions (and consequently the ability to manage them), acting in advance on the development of forms of violence and “objectification” towards women and younger children (see in this regard the study on the educational paradigm and on the methodology). In this case, through the tools of creativity, we intend to work on promoting empathy as an element that implies the possibility of recognizing and avoiding discriminatory behavior towards the female gender;
• Promotion of empathy in an inter-generational key, bringing children closer to the elderly through the collection of memories (and thus positively acting on mutual control between the elderly and young people, which must be exercised with awareness and empathy / affection, not through the filter of prejudice and terror, which makes it ineffective);
• The development of the creative laboratory through methodologies that help the prevention of online violence, promulgating a constructive use of technologies: at a time when the use of technology and digitality represents a global and generational wave, which sees the paradigm change through which social relations and social violence are represented in digitality and through the technological medium, the laboratory wants to use the tools of technology and digitality in a preventive key.