War Researches / Mario Puccini

mariopucciniMario Puccini was one of the intellectuals of “La Voce”, the most important Italian magazine at the beginning of the ‘900. He was able to deeply influence the following history of literature and the neorealist poetry.

He was often defined by Vasco Pratolini “one of the Masters to whom Italian literature must do justice”. Mario Puccini was also a soldier and he crossed, throughout the First World War, the entire territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia, from the Carso upland to river Piave.

His tryptic on the Great War is a work capable to bring emotions of high humanity as well as linguistic and literary innovations, and it offers a consistent historical testimony of the events and of the experience of war. Moreover, it is an important memorial work for its anticlassical statue and for its peculiar chronological concatenation, which makes the writing process a means of salvation avoiding aesthetical temptations: a redemption of the humankind from the insane violence of war – possibly the worthiest aim for a written work to be reminded for.

B#Side War / Seminars

Within the seminars, the authors of the critical and multimedia edition of Davanti a Trieste, Tancredi Artico and Joshua Cesa, will present to the public Mario Puccini’s life and works in the period of the Great War.

La Grande Guerra di Mario Puccini (it).pdf

Multimedia edition